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The FUTURE partnership is made up of cooperating organisations from the Netherlands, Austria, Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Romania and Turkey. These partners are working with individuals by supporting their personal and vocational development and with companies, supporting them to find the right candidate for their vacancies.

This project is a Transfer of Innovation project from a product which has already been developed in Austria and has the aim of providing an Internet based diagnostic system to assess the abilities and interests of young people. The assessment can help youngsters in making the right career decision and in choosing the right education. On the other hand, the website gives companies the opportunity to get in contact with youngsters, who are looking for an intern position or an apprenticeship.

As a result of this transfer, the diagnostic system is available in 11 countries and supports the worker mobility within Europe. 

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How can we integrate the assessment of #future4m with other existing assessments? Brainstorming with Dutch knowledge centers.

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The Netherlands is going to use the assessment also for youngsters who are seeking for a job! #Future4m

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